Dečiji klupko jastuk igračka svetlo plavi

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    Children’s ball cushion toy light blue.

    Children’s ball pillow toy light blue is a pillow in the shape of a ball, which is soft and light and safe to play with. Of course, you can steal this pillow from your child and decorate your modern sofa or armchair. Combined with  super chunky wool cushions and throws, they’ll look like they’re in a home decor magazine.


    Material: Fuller cotton jersey.

    Filling: Silicone fluff fiber

    Dimensions: Diameter 30-35 cm.


    The living room is a mirror of our style, it is the „face“ we show to others. It is a space where we gather, socialize with friends and family, and that is why it is important for us that it is beautiful, comfortable and functional.

    The easiest way to achieve all this is with decorative pillows . Small, large, round, cylindrical. Pillows that are there to decorate the sofa, to support the back while we sit in the armchair. Pillows with which children organize battles or make their own little forts.

    And when you want to personalize and change your living space, new decorative pillows are the fastest and cheapest way. That’s why we’re here. At Aleya, we make decorative pillows according to your wishes and requirements, but we also share our ideas with you.

    Thanks to these ideas, yours and ours alike, we offer a really large selection of original and slightly unusual pillows.

    And it is because of you that we have mastered the technique of making ball pillows.

    But our pillows also have one drawback. Once you buy one, you’ll always want at least one more.


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